The 2-1 Buy-Down Program is a great opiton in this market.  Contact me today for details on how this works.  My lender is available when you are.

When buying a home your Realtor will always recommend you get a home inspection so you can see areas of the house are deficient. When selling your home, I suggest you get a home inspection prior to putting it on the market, so you have no surprises.

CAUTION: If you fumigate your home notify ALL nearby neighbors who have small pets! Outdoor cats are curious and love to roam the neighborhood. Cats can often get under the tarps of a home undergoing fumigation and can lead to severe harm and death.

My client and friend Kendra was a first-time home buyer. She was looking for a new home in La Jolla Village and relied on me for my expertise, knowledge and experience in this market. If you're a buyer, especially for the first-time, be sure to find a Realtor you can trust. To make it easy on you, just call me! I have your back!